IPEMA Member Spotlight: Kim Frost, Britton Industries

IPEMA is proud to highlight our members, who share in our mission to promote play and encourage safety in the work they do each day.

Our members are the backbone of IPEMA – helping us encourage safer play spaces for children and families by prioritizing the certification of their play equipment, surfacing and products. We’re proud to showcase that great work of our members here.

We’re highlighting Kim Frost of Britton Industries, whose incredible work following the COVID-19 pandemic and Hurricane Ida helped to keep open spaces available for families to enjoy. Learn more about Kim:

1. How long have you worked in the industry and what drew you to it?

I have been in this industry for two years now. I was drawn to the circular ecological aspect of recycling and repurposing.

2. Tell us about your business, your customers, etc., and what do you do in your current position?

I am the Public Sector Director in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. My company offers services to responsibly manage vegetative debris. Our facilities are licensed with the DEP and all materials received are recycled and repurposed. From that curated material we create premium products. In my current role I introduce state agencies, counties, school districts and towns to better options for environmentally sound solutions. The circular aspect I offer my clients is in providing a resource to track, monitor and manage their vegetative debris and meet green purchase standards with our ground surface products. All that material brought into my facilities is kept out of the landfill and is repurposed. I am then able to deliver premium products for projects and maintenance of public properties. IPEMA is a result of a very specific process to turn wood into playground mulch. This certified product offers safety and environmental benefits wherever it is installed.

3. What’s been a key to your success in this industry over the years?

My success in this industry has been based on the relationships I have been able to cultivate. I listened and learned attentively for the first year. I wanted to understand the challenges my clients faced and how I could be a resource for them. My goal was to bring a reliable service and an indisputable value to my customers. I have also been able to introduce added value to clients from resources within my company in the form of reports, delivery options and contacts. If I’m not able to help, I am always happy to introduce someone that can.

4. What is a project that you’ve done that you’re especially proud of, and why?

During Covid, many towns and schools were short staffed and struggling on many levels. Then Hurricane Ida hit. Already exhausted Parks Departments, DPW crews and facilities teams saw months of maintenance literally washed away. I was able to create plans for service, deliveries, and installations to keep open spaces available. The safety of those spaces was paramount, as kids were still flocking to playgrounds and parks – closed or not.

5. Have you faced any industry-related challenges lately, and what have you done to overcome them?  

Developing relationships in person was put on hold and annual dates for quotes and bids have been completely upended. I have started from scratch to build a calendar of appointments and opportunities.

6. How long have you been a member of IPEMA and what are the biggest benefits of membership? 

Our membership was in place for a few years before my hire. There are so many benefits of membership. Beyond the recognition of the brand, I think the resources and networking are excellent. I have made so many connections within the industry because we are a part of the IPEMA community, and we understand and provide a product that upholds safety, health, and inclusion standards in critically needed open spaces.

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