IPEMA Membership is open to equipment and surfacing manufacturers, as well as entities or individuals interested in promoting play and being involved in the industry.

Active Membership in the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association shall be open to any firm, corporation, entity, or individual engaged in the manufacturing of play equipment and related products. Associate Membership in the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association shall be open to any individual or entity that is involved in selling or utilizing play equipment and related products within the scope of their operation or employment, but not engaged in the manufacturing of play equipment and related products.” (IPEMA Bylaws, Article IV, Section 1 & 2)

IPEMA Member Benefits

Certification Discounts

As a member of IPEMA, you receive discounts on the certification program administrative fee.

Quarterly Sales Reports

You have the opportunity to participate in and receive quarterly sales reports. In order to take advantage of this benefit, you must report your company’s sales data each quarter.

Newsletter & Website

IPEMA distributes a quarterly newsletter which is filled with up-to-date information including technical articles, association updates, industry news, upcoming events, company news and much more. The IPEMA website provides members with a searchable listing, research and education articles, links to other industry sites and more.

Public Relations

IPEMA works with a public relations firm to promote the value of play to the public, park and recreation officials, schools, etc. IPEMA manages the Voice of Play initiative and website, promoting the overall value of play to consumers, parents and other interested parties. As a member, you also benefit from the promotion of IPEMA and IPEMA certified products in our public relations efforts.

Business-to-Business Networking Opportunities

As an association, IPEMA holds a membership meeting each year to give members up-to-date association news, share ideas and encourage members to network. This meeting includes speakers addressing hot topics and the opportunity for you to ask questions of individuals with whom you may not have the chance to otherwise interact. This meeting is typically held in a unique location, giving members the opportunity to experience something new and exciting!

Committee Involvement

IPEMA offers members the opportunity to serve on various committees including Marketing & Public Relations, Equipment Certification, Surfacing Certification and Membership. Individuals interested in serving on a committee should contact headquarters.

Partnership With JLE Consultants

IPEMA has partnered with JLE Consultants to provide members in the United States with secure and effective payment strategies. IPEMA members are guaranteed a 15% reduction in credit card processing fees.