3 Benefits of Choosing IPEMA-Certified Equipment

In an industry packed with playground products, owners, operators and architects look for the trusted IPEMA seal.

When choosing products to help bring your playground concept to life, safety and inclusivity should always be top of mind. But in an industry full of playground products, how can owners, operators or architects choose the best, highest-quality products to help create a safer, more engaging play environment?

In the interest of public safety, the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) provides a certification program for public play equipment and surfacing materials. The program validates a participant’s product or products to conform to certain standards – ASTM F1487-21, CAN/CSA-Z614:20 Update No.1, ASTM F1292-22, ASTM F3351-19e1, ASTM F2075-20 and ASTM F3012-22 – as validated by a third-party, TÜV SÜD America.

When choosing products for your next playground project, look for the IPEMA seal – which can offer added benefits to your space, including:

1. CREDIBILITY – By choosing IPEMA-certified equipment, owners and operators can feel more confident in the credibility of their playground because products that are marked with the Certification Seal for Public Play Equipment have conformed to the play industry’s highest standards.

Manufacturers who choose to have their products certified must complete a rigorous process during which a manufacturer’s facilities are evaluated, including facility procedures, on-site inspections, equipment testing, and more. Manufacturers must then show documentation that proves compliance and keep up with annual facility checks and provide proof of regular product testing.

Needless to say, only high-quality products can be certified, and only after products have been tested and facilities have been evaluated. When you choose IPEMA-certified products, you’re choosing the most credible products by industry standards.

2. SAFETY – IPEMA is committed to providing safer, more inclusive play environments for children and their families. Accidents happen – both on and off playgrounds – but the best playground products help mitigate risk and prevent serious injury. IPEMA believes this starts by upholding the industry’s highest compliance and safety standards through certification.

IPEMA-certified equipment is evaluated against several key industry standards – impact attenuation, critical fall height, and shock absorption properties are all tested and measured to ensure the production of safer equipment for children and their families.

3. CONSISTENCY – By using certified products that have met industry standards for safety and accessibility, you can help make playgrounds a safer place for children to learn, grow, interact, and take calculated risks without the worry of serious injury. However, consistency is absolutely key to helping improve our playgrounds across the country. When you choose certified products for every project, owners, architects and operators can feel rest-assured in the quality of their playground.

To learn more about IPEMA certification or to get started, visit ipema.org/certification-program.

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