Playgrounds Unlimited

Playgrounds Unlimited is the industry leader/contractor for playground installation. We are a certified playground installer. We have experience installing thousands of different playground applications and designs, installing play structures from all major playground manufacturers per their plans and specifications, and custom design builds. Our unique installation techniques make us a leader in building the most challenging playgrounds designed today.

Playgrounds Unlimited is a leading Northern California installer and distributor of Poured-In-Place rubber safety surfacing. We have been installing Poured-In-Place rubber surfacing with our own, in house employees for over 25 years. With our extensive experience installing poured rubber surfacing and gaining invaluable experience on what works and what doesn’t in Northern California’s unique climate, we’ve developed the SAFEPOUR product line. The SAFEPOUR system uses a proprietary blend of the highest-quality, tested and verified, and industry-leading components.

In addition to playground construction, installation, and renovation, Playgrounds Unlimited also installs synthetic turf, sun shelters, pre-fab buildings, shade canopies, and water play equipment.

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